BMW 325 I Timing Chain Service
BMW Timing Chain
When it comes to Timing Chain Repair, turn to the experts who are certifed and trained to do the JOB RIGHT.
Diagnostics & Electronics
BMW Timing Chain
When it comes to finding the problem, we are the Experts. Bring your BMW in today for a Free Diagnosis.
Transmission Service
BMW Timing Chain
We offer the best diagnostics on transmission service in the industry; no guessing, no gimmicks, just facts.
BMW Door Lock Actuator Repair
BMW Door Lock Acutator
We specialize in door lock repair or replacement for BMWs including the 325 I line, up to the 5 Series.
BMW Engine Repair
Even BMW engines need the benefit of periodic repairs. Our specifically trained team can address any issue there might be.
Valve Body Service Repair
BMW Valve Body Repair
Sometimes it's not the transmission itself that's the problem. That's where our experts come in to do a full inspection and give factual details.
Window Regulator Repair
BMW Window Regulator Repair
If you are experiencing window regulator problems, don't hesitate to give the experts a call today.
BMW Maintenance
To extend the life and preserve the value of your BMW, our team makes every consideration to insure your BMW's maintenance is done completely and accurately.
Solenoid Replacement
When your BMW isn't shifting properly, don't let anyone tell you it needs to be rebuilt. Let the experts examine your vehicle first.