BMW Window Regulator
Engine Rebuild: Denton, Lewisville, Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth
We specialize in foreign and domestic vehicles.
To rebuild an engine is to make it as close to new (Original) as possible. All core material – head and block castings, crankshaft, camshaft and rods - are carefully inspected, checked against original equipment measured specifications for correct dimensional tolerances and precisely machined. Replacement parts are new and meet exact standards and tolerances. Testing is performed to manufacturer measured specifications and original production standards.
Rebuilt engines come with a 1 YR warranty. (options available)
Pre-Owned Engines:
Our pre-owned engines are checked for damaged parts and reliability. Many of them come from vehicles that have been involved in accidents and were totaled but did not go to salvage yards. These engines generally come with a 3 / 6 month warranty. ( options available).
1986 Chevy truck / 350 carburetor engine fully remanufactured / has 5 YR unlimited mile nationwide warranty.