Engine Repair - Denton, Texas
Lendmark Financial Services
( Credit lines up to $15,000 )
Qualifications for Lendmark Financing...
  • Apply by calling: 940.566.5888 and ask for Alice or...
  • Apply online at: https://www.lendmarkfinancial.com/. Then scroll down and click "Apply Now" (in the "Location box" type in Denton, TX 76210 then click "Find Location") next, on the bottom right click "Apply to Denton, TX location".
  • Credit lines up to $15,000
  • No down payment and there is never a prepayment penalty
  • You keep your title (unless main borrower lives out of the North TX area) and not GPS tracking system installed
  • "Very" creative lending that is right for you, with 3 years to repay if desired
  • Auto repair loans including a/c repair or replace and much more
  • Qualifications as follows:
    • Must have 2 years residency
    • Your credit history is considered at the time of application but will work with low credit scores
    • Income, debt obligations and you must maintain a $700.00 balance
    • Collateral (If necessary) example... new car loan
  • We are here to help you in what ever situation you may have. Remember, we can't help you if you don't apply!